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Uniform Philosophy


Academy Uniform Philosophy 


Our policy is based on the philosophy that Academy uniform:


  • Promotes a sense of pride in the academy and identifies the students with the academy.
  • Engenders a sense of community and belonging towards the academy.
  • The students’ smart appearance in full academy uniform is a visible statement that the student is part of our community, that they are proud to be part of our community, and that the student is purposeful and takes their learning seriously.
  • Is practical, smart, and good value for money for parents/carers.
  • Makes students feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance.
  • Prevents students from coming to the academy in fashion clothes that could be distracting in class.
  • Takes into consideration equality issues and cultural, race, and religious requirements.
  • Is designed with health and safety in mind.


We ask that all uniforms are labeled.


If any parent/carer is in doubt about any item of uniform, we advise them to check with the academy before purchasing. Any changes in uniform will be notified to parents/carers in writing. The uniform policy is available on the website for parents/carers to view.

Year 7-11 Uniform List

Standard Requirements




Uniform Specifications and Guidelines



Academy house tie (Students are assigned a house on entry to the academy and their tie is navy and the logo is in their assigned house colour).



Navy blazer with academy badge. Must be worn at all times, unless a teacher allows removal in a classroom.



White long or short-sleeved shirt and the shirt must have a top button.

Top button done up and shirt tucked in at all times. Sleeves not rolled up.



Navy long-sleeved V necked jumper

Academy Kilt


Girls have a choice of the academy kilt or school trousers (see below)

Kilts must be worn correctly at all times – on the knee or longer.



Males - Black trousers.

Females - Navy trousers with academy logo.

No jeans, skinny, flared or stretch trousers.



Black/navy ankle socks or black tights - knee-high socks can be worn until August 2021



Plain black formal leather shoes - No canvas shoes, boots or trainers or shoes that look like trainers. They must be suitable for a school environment. Heels no higher than 1 inch.



Need to be dark, smart, plain and practical and suitable for a school environment. No denim or leather. Coats can be worn when travelling to and from school and at breaks when students are outdoors, but they must not be worn in the school building. Hoodies should not be worn as an alternative to a coat.



Black, navy or dark grey scarf/hat or academy scarf (not compulsory). Hats can only be worn outdoors and to provide protection in cold weather.



Two aprons – one for DT and one for Art - can be bought anywhere.


Jewellery, Hair and Make-Up


Students May Wear:


Students May Not Wear:

  • A watch (not connected to the internet)
  • A discreet religious pendant
  • Hair should be a natural colour in a smart business environment appropriate style.
  • Black or navy headwear/hairbands/slides
  • A narrow black belt of a traditional style.
  • Nail varnish or false nails
  • No make-up, including false eyelashes and fake tan.
  • No extreme hairstyles, such as hair dyeing or excessive shaving. Cropped or shaved styles are not acceptable. Hair must not obscure the face. For boy’s hair must be above the collar line.
  • Students must be clean-shaven
  • Fashion hair accessories e.g. flowers
  • Jewellery, including rings, bracelets, earrings, nose studs, eyebrow piercings, lip/tongue studs, ear stretchers or any form of retainers
  • Tattoos
  • Smartwatches that connect to the internet




Bags Should Be:


PE Kit:

  • Waterproof
  • Sturdy enough to hold A4 exercise books and textbooks safely
  • No extremes of colour
  • Not have excessive adornments
  • Inappropriate bags, such as small handbags, are not allowed
  • Please see our separate PE Kit List


If parents wish to have their child’s ears pierced, we advise doing this at the start of the summer holidays so that earrings can be removed more easily during school time on their return. We do not accept plasters over-ears to cover earrings or any other concession – they must be removed in school time, no exceptions. Any other body piercings are not permitted


Jewellery, make-up and non-uniform items brought to school will be confiscated.


Points to remember:


All items of clothing and possessions must be clearly marked with the student’s name. The school cannot be held responsible for any damaged, misplaced or stolen property.


*All decisions about what is classed as acceptable is at the Academy Principal’s discretion.

*Parents/Carers must contact Mrs Denny, Vice Principal if they have any difficulty purchasing school uniform

If any temporary changes arise to school uniform due to Covid-19, this will be communicated to parents in writing.


PE Kit List


The St Simon Stock PE Department strive to ensure that its students are getting the best learning experience possible. As a result of this, we aim to set high standards in the appearance of all our students during lessons, practices and matches, with members of staff responsible for laying down clear expectations.


The school PE Kit listed below is available to order from Pages SchoolwearGranada House, 7-8 Lower Stone Street, Maidstone, ME15 6JR. The PE kit can be embroidered with the student’s name for an extra charge, but this is not compulsory.


Standard PE Requirements





Academy Polo Shirt

Navy with school logo

Academy PE Shorts

Navy with school logo


Navy skort with school logo with navy leggings with school logo

Academy Training Top

Navy, long sleeved and zip up the front, with school logo


Football socks



Trainers, football boots, shin pads, mouth guards


Navy blue hoodie with school logo


Navy training pants with school logo


PE Kit Expectations:


  • Appropriate footwear is essential. Studded footwear and shin pads must be worn for football. Studded footwear and mouth guards must be worn for rugby.
  • School training pants can be worn, as directed by staff, to supplement the school PE kit in cold weather.
  • All jewellery should be removed prior to the lesson and left in the changing room. Any student caught wearing jewellery within the lesson will have it confiscated, it will be sent to their Raising Standards Leader and returned at the end of the term.
  • Students with long hair must bring a hair band and tie their hair up for every PE lesson/school fixture.
  • All kit should be clearly named – lost property will be kept in the PE changing rooms and, unless claimed, will be distributed as spare kit for those students who have failed to bring their kit to class.
  • Students are advised to limit the valuables they wear as they must be left in the locked changing rooms. The school accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to items. We recommend you do not bring in expensive items to wear for PE.


PE Kit Procedure


  • If a student is injured or is unwell, then we ask them to bring their PE kit and still get changed. The reason for this is to ensure that students participate in other ways in the lessons, such as leaders or officials. Students who cannot get changed due to their injuries are obviously excused from changing. They will be asked to participate in the lesson in another form to ensure we get the maximum participation in all lessons.
  • If a student has an ongoing injury, then a note from parents/carers is sufficient for a two-week period. After this, a medical note will be needed as evidence of the injury. Any notes from parents or carers will need to be dated and include a phone number to ensure that we can follow it up.
  • If a student is injured and fails to abide by this procedure, they will be treated as if they have forgotten their PE kit and still be issued with department detention.


Non-Compliance Procedure


Should a student fail to bring in their PE kit, or an item of their PE kit, they will be issued with department detention as follows: 1st offence = 10-minute detention at break time, 2nd offence = 20-minute detention at lunchtime, 3rd offence = 1-hour detention after school and a phone call home, 4th offence = Placed on department report for 2 weeks or a 5 lesson period, 5th offence + = Meeting with Head of PE and Parents.

Our Values

Faith in the presence of God

Concern for the poor and social justice

Quality education

Respect for all persons

Inclusive community

an awareness of the living presence of God in our world, and a calling to see the world through the eyes of faith

a calling to support the poor and victims of injustice, through community service and justice education

to provide an education that is second to none, so that our students will not just contribute to society, but will transform it

that we are all children of God and, as such, at the heart of our education we must respect the dignity of all persons

we respect and value diversity, which means that nobody is left out or left behind, and that we embrace the unique stories and qualities that each of us bring to the world.


Trust Information

St Simon Stock Catholic School is an academy, and part of the Kent Catholic Schools’ Partnership. The Kent Catholic Schools’ Partnership is an exempt charity and a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales under company registration number 08176019 at registered address: Barham Court, Teston, Maidstone, Kent, ME18 5BZ. St Simon Stock Catholic School is a business name of Kent Catholic Schools’ Partnership.