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St Simon Stock Catholic School

Work with Love

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Work with Love

Supported Learning



Supported Learning Curriculum Intent Statement

The differentiated curriculum at KS3 (Golden Curriculum) and KS4 (Purple Pathway) intends to transform life chances through lifelong learning (ASDAN/ English/Maths/ PDW and citizenship) by

  • Developing key and core skills to be able to fully participate in everyday life as a young person, and then into adulthood and working life.
  • Improving literacy and numeracy skills which underpin success at KS3, KS4 and beyond
  • Promoting spiritual, moral, social & cultural understanding of our world


Supported Learning Vision & Purpose

Our vision is to develop interpersonal skills, resilience, self-esteem and social responsibility through lifelong learning and “working with love”


Building belief  supporting children to develop the confidence, self-esteem and resilience to enjoy (and sometimes endure) learning and to believe in themselves and the value of their learning


Engaging and motivating – dedicated to active, relevant and accessible learning; to developing curious, alert and daring learners


Promoting Progress and achievement – to motivate and engage learners through making their progress visible and celebrating genuine achievements, early and often


Inspiring creativity  – enabling our young people to be creative in their learning lives and ambitious for the roles they play at home, at work, and in their communities


Releasing potential – to equip young people to make full use of their talents and abilities as a force for good in the world.


Supported Learning – The Learning Journey

Students will study the same curriculum as their peers and with the same intention but in a highly differentiated manner, with a clear focus on improving key skills like reading, spelling & grammar; essential to progress in learning and life. Students identified in terms 3&4 of Yr 7 who would benefit from booster English & maths and who are struggling to assimilate a 2nd language are offered the opportunity to further improve their wider key skills on the ASDAN Key Steps programme. Key Steps can progress onto the ASDAN CoPE/AoPE Award at KS4. At the end of each key stage, students will achieve a nationally recognised qualification & certificate. iDEA Awards complement ASDAN and provide students with further digital and enterprise skills. Activities are often cross-curricular and support students to achieve in their chosen GCSE subjects.


KS3 ASDAN Key Steps – Golden Curriculum English Year 7 Year 8
Term 1 Golden Curriculum English Contextual Project KS – Identify, Golden Curriculum English – Modern Novel
Term 2 Golden Curriculum English Contextual Project KS – Enterprise, Golden Curriculum English – Modern Novel
Term 3 Golden Curriculum English Drama KS – Values, Golden Curriculum English – Poetry
Term 4 Key Steps (KS) Identify students in Term 4 of Year 7 Golden Curriculum English – Drama KS – Environment, Golden Curriculum English – Shekespeare
Term 5 Contact parents re Key Steps Golden Curriculum English – 19th – 21st Century Non-Fiction KS – International, Golden Curriculum English – 19th – 21st Century Literature
Term 6 Taster session – Key Steps Golden Curriculum English – 19th – 21st Century Non-Fiction KS – Personal Finance, Golden Curriculum English – 19th – 21st Century Literature


KS4 Purple Pathway ASDAN CoPE iDEA Awards

Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
Term 1 M1:Communication M3: Sport & Leisure M5:Environment M2: Citizenship & Community
Term 2 M1:Communication M3:Sport & Leisure M4: Independent Living M9: Science &Technology
Term 3 M3: Sport & Leisure M4: Independent Living M7:Health & Fitness M12: Beliefs & Values M8: Work related Learning
Term 4 M2:Citizenship & community M2: Citizenship & community M12: Beliefs & Values M8: Work related Learning
Term 5 M3: Sports & Leisure M9:Science &Technology Portfolio
Term 6 M3: Sport & Leisure M5:Environment Portfolio



Our Values

Faith in the presence of God

Concern for the poor and social justice

Quality education

Respect for all persons

Inclusive community

an awareness of the living presence of God in our world, and a calling to see the world through the eyes of faith

a calling to support the poor and victims of injustice, through community service and justice education

to provide an education that is second to none, so that our students will not just contribute to society, but will transform it

that we are all children of God and, as such, at the heart of our education we must respect the dignity of all persons

we respect and value diversity, which means that nobody is left out or left behind, and that we embrace the unique stories and qualities that each of us bring to the world.


Trust Information

St Simon Stock Catholic School is an academy, and part of the Kent Catholic Schools’ Partnership. The Kent Catholic Schools’ Partnership is an exempt charity and a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales under company registration number 08176019 at registered address: Barham Court, Teston, Maidstone, Kent, ME18 5BZ. St Simon Stock Catholic School is a business name of Kent Catholic Schools’ Partnership.