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A Level Results 2020


13 August 2020


On behalf of our staff, I congratulate all of our Sixth Form students for their examination results, which were published today. We are delighted to report that once again, the majority of our students have achieved high A Level grades or equivalent across the three subjects they have studied, which in many cases exceeded their personal targets. As a result, most of our students have secured their places at university, including many top universities (including Manchester, Bristol, Liverpool, Nottingham, York, amongst others), apprenticeship or employment.


Today of course we celebrate much more than the students’ academic success, and this is especially so in this most unusual and difficult year. The students achieved these results in the most challenging circumstances, in which at a key point in their studies their normal learning routines were significantly disrupted as schools across the country went in to lockdown. In spite of this, our students have showed exceptional resilience and determination, engaging independently with their studies online, and completing their courses, knowing that their summer examinations had been cancelled.

In short, the examination results, which we celebrate today, shine a light on our students’ remarkable strength of character, and especially their ability to persevere and to continue to learn in the face of adversity. An education at St Simon Stock teaches students the importance of resilience, of service, of working for the common good, and pulling together as a team, all of which are exemplified by our students this year. We are proud of their exceptional achievements. These skills and attributes that our students have developed in their years at St Simon Stock Catholic School, but especially in the most recent months, will ensure their continued success as they move on to the next stage of their lives.


There were many outstanding achievements, too many to list here, but worthy of special mention are four students who achieved straights A* and A grades (or equivalent) in the three subjects they studied: Daniel Clayton, who will study Mathematics at the University of Bristol; Lucy Dowd, who will study Medicine at the University of Brighton; Jesse Fuller, who will study a Masters in Design Engineering at Christchurch University in Canterbury; and Stephanie Jackson, who will study English and American Literature at the University of Kent. Other successful students amongst many others include Jess Cruickshank, who will study English and History at the University of Bristol, Caitlin Davie-Letchford, who will study Geography at the University of Manchester, Jerome Harrison, who will study Film and Television Production at the University of York, Georgia Graham, who will study Computer Science at the University of Glasgow; Mollie McGill, who will study Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Nottingham; and Offiong Bassey, who will study Economics and Finance at the University of Manchester.


Well done to all our students, be proud of everything you have achieved and we wish you the very best for your futures.


Jon Malone

Academy Principal

St Simon Stock Catholic School

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an awareness of the living presence of God in our world, and a calling to see the world through the eyes of faith

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that we are all children of God and, as such, at the heart of our education we must respect the dignity of all persons

we respect and value diversity, which means that nobody is left out or left behind, and that we embrace the unique stories and qualities that each of us bring to the world.


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