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Well done to our Year Seven boys’ football team, who convincingly won the Maidstone Under-12s Cup Final on Monday afternoon at the Maidstone United Gallagher Stadium, beating St Augustine’s Academy 8-0.

The boys were superb, wonderful individual skill on display but more to the point, they played together selflessly as a team, and really pushed themselves hard for the full 60 minutes, in tough hot conditions. The team never showed any signs of flagging. They were 4-0 up at half time. Lesser teams would have been complacent in the second half, especially in the heat, but our boys on the contrary played in the second half as if they were 4-0 down, fighting every tackle, showing huge spirit, stamina and hunger to stretch their lead even further.

Thank you to Mr Nimani and the PE Department, match reporter Jess Lambert, and also to all staff, students and parents who turned up to support the team. Photos follow after the match report.



Numerous amounts of games and practice including a previous encounter with the opposition, wouldn’t have even prepared the U12 Stocky team for arguably the most anticipated game that together as a team would’ve faced.

From the beginning of the match, chances were being made with a strong offensive, with the tactics of keeping either within the core or out wide, and remaining narrow in defence. Despite an early run away from Sam Wright, and an unfortunate save for the Captain, Ryan Huke’s long shot, it took until the 11th minute for St Simon Stock to get their name on the board with a close range goal from Sam. From this goal onwards the team’s motivation with the countless support from teachers and fellow pupils, only meant that the lead will extend even further. A quick succession of goals followed in the 14th and 17th minute by Sam and Daniel Bankole, and in the 25th minute Ryan and Daniel, performed a perfect play to put St Simon Stock up 5-0 going into half-time.

However, it wasn’t as plain sailing as it may sound, St Augustine’s, did put up a good attack at times in the form of Jayden, however even from the closest of ranges, St Simon Stock’s boys’ defence and enforcement of Max Watson as the goalie soon showed that nothing would be going past them. The second half showed an even wider range of talent being brought into play, with each player being given the chance to show their talent in the heat of Maidstone’s Gallagher Stadium. More goals to add to St Simon Stock’s name didn’t take long to occur. In the 6th minute Sam added another goal to his name, followed by a near miss by Captain Huke, another goal by Sam in the 8th minute and finally Ryan scored close range in the 13th minute. With the energy of the crowd behind them opportunities were being made in succession and there was no doubt that the St Simon Stock U12s team were motivated to give 110% of their efforts throughout the whole match.

There is no doubt that the wide range of talent and skill within the team is phenomenal. However, this talent would have been worthless without the team support and morale. Just by standing on the side line with their coach Mr Nimani and physio Mr May, the energy of support and tactics is enough to make you want to join in as well. Not only, this but numerous support within the crowd that the players could rise to a good occasion. Their motivation and team sportsmanship was highlighted throughout the match with the Captain, Ryan constantly being a force of control and support in the team, and also through Owen Davis, despite being in a tackle that involved him and a St Augustine’s player, Ethan. As soon as he got up, the first thing he did was check if Ethan was ok.

The end result was a massive 8-0 to St Simon Stock, which resulted in a big team bundle and running round the stadium, making an eagle with their hands, not forgetting to applaud to the crowd afterwards. The team’s talent and support from the beginning meant lifting that trophy was even more rewarding. However, it is not always the winning that is most remembered in sporting events, but the friendships and the team connection that is made, and as I once heard a coach say: “How you want to be remembered is not up to me, it is up to you.” It isn’t hard to say that not only these young talents will have made memories to last a life time but also everyone involved and the school community.



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