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Work with Love

Student of the Fortnight

On Tuesday 3rd October we had our annual Open Evening for prospective students (and parents!) to visit, find out more about the school and meet some of our current students and teachers.

We had plenty of visitors over the evening and we hope that if you did attend you enjoyed as much as the comment below show. These were completed voluntarily via feedback slips at the end of the visit and we thank the parents and future students hugely for the positive nature of them all!

We also have the speech that both the Head Girl (Katie Daly) and Head Boy (Joseph Davies) delivered on the night.


“What a lovely school! The ethos is fantastic – a warm, welcoming learning environment. It was great to see lots of engaged, enthused learners”

“SSS presents us unpretentious and welcoming strong support in place. Year sevens were excellent – thank you!”

“Thank you so much – it was a pleasure to look round – lovely atmosphere, thank you again”

“Girls were excellent hosts – friendly and showed us everything and able to answer questions – a credit to the school”

“Very interesting and uplifting speech by the headmaster. Great tour by two very helpful and polite year 8 boys”

“The teachers are very warm and he pupils likewise. Thank you”

“Excellent, shown round by such a polite student. Real feel good factor, thank you!”


Good evening everyone, my name is Katie and I am Head Girl here at St Simon Stock. I am very proud to welcome you to our school tonight on behalf of the student body. I’d like to quickly tell you why I love being at Stocky and why we would love to welcome yourselves, or parents your child into our school community. I joined St Simon Stock in 2011 and I have witnessed the school go from strength to strength. Not only has this school had some excellent exam results over the six years I’ve been here, but also the teachers have helped the students to grow from being nervous, shy year sevens to confident but kind young adults going out into the world. I feel very privileged to come to school every day and know that I will learn something new, from the teachers who are so inspiring. So much so that I have decided to become a teacher myself. I also consider myself lucky that I can say that I go to a school that not only promotes academic excellence and encourages students of all abilities to reach their potential, but also turns out well-rounded respectable young people that will assuredly succeed once they leave St Simon Stock. I hope that you enjoy your evening here with us and see for yourselves why Stocky is such a fantastic place to be. – Katie Daly

My name is Joe Davies and I am head boy here at St Simon Stock Catholic School. When I joined here in 2011, Mr Wall told us that we had the ‘Golden Ticket’, but if I’m honest… none of us knew what he was on about. Over the years, I’ve developed an understanding of what he actually meant. The ‘Golden Ticket’ wasn’t only an opportunity to achieve success but also to grow in character. I may not have grown much in height over the years but I most definitely have grown in confidence. In year 7 I was very nervous as a student and found it very hard to make friends. But with the help of the schools pastoral team and the peer mentors, they helped me make friends that I’m still best friends with to this day. – Joseph Davies

Our Values



Prayer & Faith




We must ‘Go and do likewise’, to serve the needs of others.

We are ‘One Body in Christ’, inclusive and welcoming to all.

We are called to ‘be constant in prayer’ to discern God’s love. Students are invited to faith, participating in regular acts of workshop as forms, classes, year groups, and a school.

Students are expected to be hopeful, showing respect to themselves, their peers, teachers and the environment.

Students are expected to be charitable through acts of service in school and the wider community.

Students are expected to maintain a scholarly attitude in all lessons and work to the best of their ability and engage where they can in extra-curricular activities.


Trust Information

St Simon Stock Catholic School is an academy, and part of the Kent Catholic Schools’ Partnership. The Kent Catholic Schools’ Partnership is an exempt charity and a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales under company registration number 08176019 at registered address: Barham Court, Teston, Maidstone, Kent, ME18 5BZ. St Simon Stock Catholic School is a business name of Kent Catholic Schools’ Partnership.