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World Music Day

“Classical music is the most life – enhancing, profound, tear-jerking, joy – inducing music in the world……it is the music of the past 1000 years that had the eternal power to move people, to connect with them, to help them make sense of their emotions and enrich their lives”

Download the Spotify app or visit the website and sign up for free, to listen to these classics –


“ music imprints itself on the brain deeper than any other experience”

Dear everyone,

There is plenty of evidence to show the impact music can have on your brain.  It’s a powerful organ that continues to work 24/7, 365 days a year!

As we get older, we associate music with emotion and memories, such as a time, place or person.

Over the past few weeks, I have been asking staff to let me know what pieces of music mean something to them.  I thought I would share these with you, so you can see for yourselves (they know I’m doing this so you can mention it in lessons)!  From my point of view, I have learnt a lot about my colleagues and it has reminded me of music I’d forgotten as well as introduce me to some new music.

I’m sure you will see a different side to your teachers now.  Enjoy!

Miss K


Mr W


I always used it as background to my reflections when I taught RE

Mr M


When I was a teenage boy I discovered ‘Italian Westerns’, also known as ‘Spaghetti Westerns’. I have always loved Western Movies as a genre, but I completely fell in love with spaghetti westerns, and especially the stunning music composed for them, often by a man called Ennio Morricone. More than 40 years later I still adore the music that Ennio Morricone wrote for those 1960s westerns, and I have nearly 300 of his soundtracks in my record collection.

It is so hard to choose my favourite Morricone tracks because they are all stunning, but I have chosen firstly ‘The Ecstasy of Gold’, which played whilst the bandit Tuco searched for the grave under which was buried the missing gold, from the 1966 film ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’. Click here.

I will add a second one. My favourite film of all time is an Italian Western called ‘Once Upon a Time in the West’, made in 1969. There is a wonderful moment when the main character, called Jill McBain, arrives in the frontier town called Sweetwater, and the camera pulls back to reveal the American West as she leaves the train station. Morricone’s music in this scene is magnificent in its sweep, and perfectly captures the setting and character. Click here.

Mrs D


Reminds me of expecting my first child



Mrs D

This takes me back to hot car journeys down to the south of Spain, I must have been about 10, arguing with my brother about who got to sit on the sunny side of the car, happy days! My parents loved the film and played it constantly, I was subsequently brainwashed.

I went to see them play when I was pregnant with my daughter, after that gig whenever I played their music she responded. She says she doesn’t like it anymore, “Little Mix is better”. I think she will come back to it

I love this, it is my grown up option. My love of Jazz is growing as I age!

Mrs F

Rachel Newton reworking a well known song in a very traditional way. The harp is magical.

The Furrow Collective is a group which includes my daughter Lucy who takes the lead on this song.

George Ezra has the voice of a much older man and this collaboration with Ian McKellern. It was playing when I heard that my granddaughter, Audrey May had been born.

Miss K

I have lots of favourite songs for many different reasons. However I have chosen this one because I love the ballad that is told through the song.

Every time I hear it, it reminds me to be nicer to my husband and makes me want to keep the fun, laughter and love in my marriage alive.

Miss L

Went for a nostalgic song. This reminds me of being very little with my family. Even now, whether it be a wedding, birthday or any family get together, without fail this gets put on and the whole family get involved. Good times



Mrs R

I recently used this for the production of Anna Karenina that I directed and it has now become one of my favourite pieces.



Miss C

It is a song my husband and I first heard at a football match – we loved the words so much, that we had it as our recessional song at our wedding, a fun song to walk back up the aisle too!

This is a powerful, upbeat song that makes me feel like anything can be achieved and if I need a bit of a boost or motivation it’s a great go to.



Miss K

A music teacher trying to narrow it down to a few pieces is incredibly hard….

Kindred spirits with the hair?  This always makes me laugh as it reminds me of my first year of teaching.  I used to car share and my friend used to sing her heart out to the chorus……really badly (and I mean really badly)

This brings back memories of my A level days (fantastic group, such a laugh), looking at how Communism dictated this composer’s music.  This piece is best listened to on headphones! Please listen to the first 2 and a half minutes at least

It’s opera.  Don’t dismiss it, listen to the first 2 minutes!  It reminds me of my Mum (one of her favourites too), who encouraged me to train as a singer.



Mrs B

When I lived in Porpoise Spit, I used to sit in my room for hours and listen to ABBA songs. But since I’ve met you and moved to Sydney, I haven’t listened to one Abba song. That’s because my life is as good as an Abba song. It’s as good as Dancing Queen.

It reminds me of family holidays driving through Spain, happy memories.

I discovered soul music from watching the Levi 501 advert with Nick Kamen. I went on to love this music in my teens and this song always hits the spot.

I went to Manchester University between 1988-1991 and at this time there were a huge amount of bands coming out of Manchester. I always remember dancing to this on nights out.


Happy Mondays - Step On - YouTube

Miss K

This reminds me of my O Level days and I just love George. Still get emotional when I think about him. I have a Wham calendar up in room, which I refer to in all classes! Ask the students. They now know NOT to ask “who is it?”

As above – one of favourite GM songs.

I do like any cheesy 80s pop – but especially this one as I always go mad when dancing to this (the bit which goes slow and then speeds up) – many a drunken memory. Also, I remember speaking to Julie Speers about these as she went to same school as them and they visited. She felt I had poor taste when I mentioned I ‘liked’ Kevin Rowland.

Mrs N

I grew up listening to the band because my father liked them.  They were a firm favourite of mine during my time studying at university and have remained in my music collection ever since.



Mr J

I think the man is a genius. But also it is the song I used to sing to my son in my wife’s tummy and it has been the song that we sing all the time at home with each other. He is 2 today.

Mrs RJ

This was the music that I walked up the aisle to when I got married

For entertainment value a Swedish Hilly-billy band rendition of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck

Reminds me of my A Levels

The first concert I recall



Miss D

Moonlight Sonata – Beethoven = my favourite piece of music to play.  Reminds me of teaching myself to play it with my dad as a teenager.

My favourite band and represents my favourite genre of music – hip hop.  I’ve been to see them about 6 times.

My musical idol.  Almost impossible to choose a favourite but this is my favourite track of his.  It reminds me of my best friend who died and I have the song title tattooed on my wrist.

Mrs H

I have always loved Johnny Cash from my early childhood and now my own children know every lyric.

In the arms of an Angel was the song played at my daughter’s funeral and therefore means a great deal to me 

Miss L

My favourite band of all time- this song was one of the first I heard/saw on a friend’s MTV when I was 14 (we couldn’t afford that!!) and it was part of a love for them ever since. Love this song because they faced criticism from hard core fans at the time for ‘selling out’ and going to mainstream but I loved the fact that they were helping bring heavy metal out of a sub-genre to a wider audience. James Hetfield has an incredible voice and this song helps showcase that and show that metal singers have pipes too!

This song is also very special because almost 6 years ago, Mr Barley came up to my classroom one morning with his guitar, sat me down and played this to me- he succeeded in winning me over so this will always mean a lot.

A goddess. She was a big feature of my childhood as my older sister was a fan and I used to hear her music as a young child- was drawn to its haunting beauty as well as the darker themes.

She takes inspiration for her songs from literature and film which I love- everyone waxes lyrical about David Bowie but I actually think she surpasses him in sheer musical talent and originality- he had a decent voice but Kate Bush’s singing voice is like no sound ever made by a human ever before or since. She is so clever and witty and I love how her music is like poetry- this song is from the perspective of an unborn baby in the aftermath of a nuclear fallout- seriously, who would EVER think of such a thing but her???

Awesome in every way- while I like their more ‘obvious’ 80s etc. hits, I loved their earlier stuff- like KB, delightfully weird and inspired by fantasy worlds, Shakespeare, medieval England (listen to ‘The Faerie Feller’s Masterstroke- bonkers and genius!) I love this track because it showcases their originality and musical skill – it’s theatrical, bombastic and sounds like it could be inspired by the worlds of Tolkien or Lewis Carroll. it was also on my wishlists for songs that could play on my entrance to my first ever assembly with year 7 when I was house leader :D

My teenage years. It’s ‘old school’ now but I can remember seeing Nirvana’s first UK live performance on the Word and it marked a cultural shift for the youth of England. I was a ‘grunger’ and this opening riff makes me think of 6th form, of 18th birthday parties, of moshing with the boys (one of whom is now a primary headteacher!)- I can smell the grass outside Penn House, the old Victorian building where we had A level English; Body Shop eau de toilette and see my old DMs, jumper pulled over my hands and my apron dresses! Happy days.

Mr O-O’N

The musician was an easy choice, just had to narrow down an alarming list of favourites! Every time I listen to Santana I go all the way back to sitting in the back of my car watching my dad tap the steering wheel and doing an extremely hilarious dad-dance as he boogied along. Probably the first bi-lingual musician I listened to!

Since, I’ve listened to more and more Queen, Jimi Hendrix, and (because they’re all so similar) the Beastie Boys  I’d probably say the following’s my favourite, for the time being.

Mrs P

This reminds me of a very happy time in my life when I was newly married and my husband and I were renovating our house together.  It played a lot on shuffle at the time and still makes me want to down tools and dance.
This reminds me of everything I loved about being a teenager.  It evokes a great sense of freedom, liberation and that actually anything is possible; it makes me feel 15 again!

Miss W

This is one of my favourite songs because my grandparents would sing this around the house almost every single day. Very happy memories.



Mrs A

It is a song of reassurance. It reminds me of God’s plan for my life.

Mr A

It reminds me of my childhood where we used to listen to this every Christmas.

Miss E

Reminds me of being holiday and always puts me in a good mood!

I’ve always loved this song and it’s one that my mum and dad would dance to together when I was younger

Miss G

I mostly just love how great it is to sing along to, no matter what mood you’re in!

Miss K

I have fairly eclectic taste, so I’m going to break the rules and give you a few. I’m also a bit of a closet ABBA fan (my partner and I went to London a few months ago and saw ABBA covers performed with an electric orchestra – amazing!) and have a new found fascination with lullabies (check out Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star) and instrumental covers of songs (Midnite String Quartet/Acoustic Heartstrings) as they’re gorgeous to fall asleep to.

I grew up as an emo kid in the Medway towns and my dad came with me to see Green Day at 16, with Jimmy Eat World supporting. When this album dropped it was on non-stop (and still is to this day sometimes). This song epitomizes the album for me, and I love the line “believe your voice can mean something” to the point I have believe tattooed on my wrist 

It’s well known, but for good reason. Seeing these guys back in 2006, where Billie Joe Armstrong just came out to a spotlight with an acoustic guitar to do this was amazing. My dad recently wrote a list of his top 20 songs and I found this on that list – that song is there because of me!

Sara is my absolute favourite artist – she’s quirky, stands for a lot of things I agree with/believe in, and has a stellar voice. A few years ago she wrote the music for Waitress the Musical and this absolute diamond of a song arrived. It combines my love of Sara and my love of theatre in a way that speaks to a lot of women on a lot of levels. It’s impossible for me to just pick one lyric from this, but know I cried all the way through it in the theatre!

It’s the RHPS – I hope I need to say no more 

This one is 100% my mum’s fault. I grew up on her love for Billy Joel, Rod Stewart, and Bryan Adams. and dad’s love of classic rock. About 5 years ago, Billy Joel played at the Hammersmith Apollo and I was determined to get tickets. I had my laptop, iPad and phone out constantly refreshing them until I secured 4 tickets. Mum can now say she’s seen one of her 3 idols.

Mr S

One of my favourite songs is the combination of rock and opera! I know so strange to combine them.

And it is executed on the highest level

Mr T

First holiday with my then to be wife on the Isle of Skye, camping (never to be repeated, the camping), regularly played on the radio.  Became our first dance at our wedding.

Used to listen to the soundtrack going to university interviews, Bon Jovi Slippery when wet on the other side of the tape (yes copied)

I find this very uplifting and dramatic when feeling a little low.  I have it on vinyl.

Great music to drive through the night to when going climbing, or just when you are coming down from the adrenalin rush.

Always brings back memories of university.

What an amazing voice, had the complete collection on tape.  You can just relax and listen for hours.

What a video back then, one of my first 12” singles, timeless.



Mr B

Takes your mind on a journey through the strange landscape of another world and it feels strangely familiar yet also definitely different every time I play it.

Mrs C

They just make me smile.

Mr C

My favourite song from a Chemistry teacher perspective, “My songs know what you did in the dark (light em up)” by Fall Out Boy, one of my favourite bands and also the video is mainly about setting things on fire.  This is one of the pleasures of being a Chemistry teacher: I regularly get to burn things.

Miss Sh

Haunting and such a beautiful voice – I can listen over and over. Reminds me of how sad the world has become.

I wish the world would

Miss Sw

I love Motown/funk music and you cant help moving to the brass on this one

High – The Lighthouse Family, another older one but I grew up listening to them and this song always gets me reminiscing

Mrs Wh


A rocking good tune, love the lyrics, no idea what it is about (but isn’t rude!)


Mr Y

It’s my favourite piece because this exact performance at Live8 shown in the video is where I first heard the track, and I fell in love with it then and there, and it’s what got me into Progressive Rock. Before I heard this I didn’t really care much for music at all (can you believe it!) but as of July 2nd 2005 and this performance I fell in love with music and Pink Floyd and have never looked back 



Mrs B

This is my fave tune! It reminds me of travelling/partying round the world – always fills a dance floor ( and apparently……The indie rock anthem has NEVER not been in the UK Singles Chart since it was first released in 2004)!

Mr F

I loooooove it. Gets me in the mood to dance and party (-:

Mr N

Multi-language lyrics, fighting Brexit one song at the time

Mr R

I love Queen, even more after watching Bohemian Rhapsody and the video is excellent too.

Miss S

This is my favourite song because it reminds me of travelling and time with my friends.



Miss Ba

This is my favourite song because when things feel like they are going wrong or everything is too overwhelming I listen to this song and straight away feel calm, as if everything will be alright no matter how big or small. Waterloo Sunset’s fine.

Miss Be

So many songs I love but this is a song (and album) that I go back to again and again.

Uplifting, powerful and memorable.

Miss Br

“Time of my Life” This music always makes me feel happy. It has been played at My Graduation from School and University and features in one of my favourite films “Dirty Dancing”

Watching the Father and Son perform their own song during Britain’s Got Talent made me reminisce about times spent with my own parents. I think this Father and Son relationship shines through in their song and the words are beautifully written.

Mr C

The song of my first year of university

The first dance at my wedding

Because it’s so amazing

Miss D

I love this song, when I am having a manic day and just need to relax I put this song puts me at ease! Ps he is an excellent composer! :D

Miss G

My favourite piece of music is the piano sound track from All Creates Great and Small, I had a friend who was learning to play the piano and I loved her playing it for me.  The reason was her piano broke and she use a key board and it didn’t have the range for the lower notes and she mimed playing them.



Mr B

Because no matter how weak I feel mentally, they lift me up and gives me strength, it allows me to look at where I am and who I am now (today), compared to where I was and who I was years ago and I know I’m blessed and worship an awesome God, for without him I am nothing and I have nothing.



Mrs B

Always a great start to a sociology lesson – timeless

Miss E

I listen to all sorts of music but I think this one was worthy of mentioning. It doesn’t have lyrics – I feel like the music here is far more powerful than language in terms of expressing emotions. It’s also nice to have in the background when working/studying/reading etc.

Mr P

I love this piece. I always put it on when I need to concentrate on some work, I find it incredibly soothing. It focuses my attention like no other piece of music and conjures some wonderful imagery




Miss C

1999- When Man Utd won the treble – it was a great time to share with my Dad who had a trial for Manchester United a long time ago.

My first concert with friends in Slane Castle in Ireland, was a Bob Dylan concert – thought we would be forever young.



Mrs McA

I like this piece because it has a mixture of French and Algerian.  I like the sound and the beat.

Miss C

I just really like the guitar and the voice of the singer.

This makes me want to dance :

The following one is Radiohead which I have been listening to for a very long time. I have chosen this song because I have listened to it often lately but I like any Radiohead song :

A bit of classical music for the next one. I just think it’s beautiful :

And a bit of French music. As well as the melodies, I really like the lyrics :

Miss Ka

If I had to have a moto… favourite song in this language. Music that offered me a strange, strong feeling since before I could even understand Portuguese.
(Lyrics in english)

It’s summer, it’s warm but the sea breeze makes life wonderful; the atmosphere is just full of love. (Lyrics in English)

Very powerful lyrics and music, video clip in my fairy-tale Paris and I can see myself flying every time I sing it!

This is my hometown. This song is about the port of Piraeus, the lads of my neighbourhood. This is where I grew up and I wish I could raise up my children like this. This song brings tears in my eyes every.single.time.

My wedding song. (And my fav classical piece.)

Teaching Assistants


Mrs C

Absolutely love this version by The Gypsy Kings!

Memories of a beautiful lunch overlooking the Bay of Naples on holiday in Sorrento, Italy.  A beautiful wedding, a waiter singing this ….. absolute bliss.  Whenever I hear this it takes me straight back to that moment

Miss F- N

This is one of my favourite songs because it always comforts me and makes me feel tingles as it is a very emotive song,

Mrs G

It reminds me of home and I like to play it if feeling homesick.

Mrs T

Although I’m not a big fan of opera, my patriotism takes over… I like it, because he is Polish! I have just found out that he is performing at Glyndebourne.



Mrs D (reception)

Have always liked this hymn but this version bring back memories of a very special person.

Mrs E (Attendance)

This song takes me back to my teenage years and in particular a camping holiday in the Isle Of Wight with the Girls & Boys Brigade

This song reminds me of Skiing holidays!

it reminds me of my welsh heritage and happy times watching Wales play in the Six Nations

Mrs H

Hard to choose, I love so many of his songs, but this is one of the greatest love songs of all time.  Amazing musician and singer

Mr H (Reprographics)

My reason for liking this song is because, in my opinion, it is not only a great song but it also has one of the greatest, cleanest sounding guitar solos ever!

Miss McG

For the classical in us, the song that made me fall in love with choral singing as a soprano (and we travelled on tour singing this piece). It was also the first choral piece I taught as an MD

Can’t have music without mentioning good old Freddie –

Finally one of my fav musicals song –

Mrs P

I was studying Wuthering Heights for O level English Lit and this bought the story to life.  We also used to mimic Kate Bush at lunch time doing the dance actions etc  lovely long hot summer.

Mr Sk (data manager)

Weirdly introduced to me by Johnathan Ross on a Radio 2 show after his daughters introduced them to him.

All of them are great but as a taster try F-U-Y-A which has an excellent video that the students should love.

Then try Down The Road (Featuring a world famous Skateboarder).

Finally, cheer everyone up with Happy Feet.

ps.  If you want to know what they can do with an older track, have a listen to Stevie Wonder – Superstition (C2C Remix)

There’s no video for it though – just the sound.

Mr Sm (Science technician)

This is a Swedish Metal band who write songs about moments in history, from Medieval Times to World War 2 and much more. This is one of my favourites because it’s an amazing and inspiring story of heroism and it’s a really cool piece of music to boot!

Mrs Sm (Science technician)

My first taste of classical music was when my mum bought a Vienna Gold LP box set in the mid ‘80’s.  I loved the melodies and played the Strauss music in particular, over and over again.  It kept me calm through my O level/ CSE revision.

Growing up in the 70s & 80’s Abba was a huge influence.

This one brings back memories of starting out in my first job and going to my first concert.

There are so many to choose from though

Mrs Th (Mr Malone’s PA)

Every Southern African person feels a calm rhythm in their soul when this song is played, and watching Nelson Mandela… well what can I say, other than what he said.. “It is music and dancing that makes me at peace with the world,”.

Mrs Ti (Art technician)

So hard to pick one. I have gone with a classic disco tune from 1979 it was great for bringing all my friends together so my piece of music is by the Gap Band    OOPS UPSIDE YOUR  HEAD. A real dance round your handbag. So sad if I got on the floor now to do the moves I would need all my friends to get me up !!

Miss Tou (reception)

I am a big fan of Prince and my (late) mum and I used to dance around singing the song to my Dad and the line that says.

maybe I’m just like my Father….” We used to sing the lyrics wrong  “Maybe I’m just like my father too Bald” 

Reminds me of having fun days in the summer with my friends having picnics in the park and playing Rounder’s, Cricket

One of my favourites because I feel like this every morning, the lyrics remind me of the lovely things in life and how grateful I am to be ALIVE!!

My favourite artist, a man of wisdom and the lyrics to this song says it all about sharing and loving one another throughout life, Good or Bad.

Mrs Powell (Finance office)

Lovely idea to share music in this way! In January this year I was at a live screening at the Trinity Theatre (in T Wells) of the Bolshoi’s La Bayadere. The scene Kingdom of the Shades was the most beautiful, relaxing and dreamy piece of music I’ve heard in a long time, accompanied by a stunning scene involving the whole corps de ballet processing on stage, dancing in perfect unison. It really makes me want to dance!

Mr Rose (Cover)

Here are a couple of my favourites from different points in my life, though not actually born when the second one was recorded!

Miss Wheeler (Science technician)

I know it’s probably cheating to list a whole album, but I couldn’t decide on a single song and would recommend listing to the whole album is one sitting. From start to finish the album is quite emotional as one of the band members, Mr E, wrote the album to cope with the death of both his sister and mother in 1996 and 1998. However, the album gets more cheerful as it goes on and the last song gives the impression of moving on with life. It is a really beautiful album overall and I would recommend a listen.

This is mostly on the list because it reminds me of my mum and I singing this in the car whenever we’re on a long car journey. A nice happy feel-good song.

I find it hard to listen to this song and feel down at the same time, another nice feel-good song. One thing I do like about this song though is that I can notice different things in the background each time I listen because of the layering of the instruments which build as the song progresses (although it probably helps that I normally listen to music wearing headphones).

Very relaxing, very touching song dedicated to a former band member. You can definitely feel the heart and soul put into this song. I would put the whole album here but I’ve already listed an entire album.

(A nice bit of Folk to end the list) My dad introduced me to First Aid Kit and this is my favourite song of theirs. I can’t explain this one as easily, basically I reminds me of my dad and I think it’s a really good song and nice to listen to.


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